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Cellular Therapeutic Analysis Center

Celtac is a group of 6 health companies, offering healthcare services which include a full-service treatment clinic, personal laboratory testing, and compound pharmacy for tailored prescription fulfillment and supplementation options.

We educate and share our knowledge with our patients to ensure they can live an optimum healthy lifestyle.

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Our Products

Quality First

Bioactive lipids fishoil

Featured Item

High purify fish oil imported from Australia with IFOS ( International Fish Oil Standard ),
Contains Omega-3 fatty acids ( EPA , DHA )

Enhances cardiovascular health, Supports brain health and function, Support eye health, Reduce inflammation, Maintain the blood fat balance
Passed more than 460 environmental contamination tests ( pesticides, plasticisers, and 3 radioactive isotopes ).

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Customer Favorite

Provides quick relief in stomach acidity and acid reflux symptoms.
Relieves acidity, heartburn, acid reflux, nausea and gastric discomfort.


New Addition

A revolutionary method to detect, in real time, intracellular levels of essential minerals, trace elements, and heavy metals using spectrophotometry.This non-invasive technique produces immediate test results. The technology is an invaluable screening tool for measuring actual tissue levels, located 4mm into the dermis, providing an intracellular snapshot of one's health.

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Our Company

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Health Education and Academics Thailand is the bridge between conventional and complementary medicine

Parent company of Celtac group

Medical clinic & luxury spa


Compounding pharmacy

Medical laboratory services and medical technology clinics

TROYA Skin Care Solutions apply

the latest research on Anti-aging medicine and provide a complete skin care regiment.

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